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In With the New
South Bend Civic Theatre
December 30, 2016 - January 1, 2017

In With the New was the inaugural show presented by Authentic Productions. A benefit concert for South Bend Civic Theatre, it featured professional musicians from across the country alongside familiar faces from past shows at SBCT. The first act featured songs from shows performed at SBCT between 2007 and 2016, while the second act previewed the Theatre's 2017 season.

The Vocalists
Alice P. Foster
Makeda Grier
Sean Leyes
Jacob Medich
Abbey Platt
Maggie Youngblood

The Band​
Piano/Keyboard: Mark Wurzelbacher
Piano/Keyboard: Siwon Kim
Guitar: Alex Peek
Bass Guitar: Mike Jacques
Drums & Percussion: Kaleb Chamberlin
Percussion: Kyle Chamberlin
Strings: Nick Marchi
Trumpet: Dennis Gamble
Trombone: Jim Grubbs
The Team​
Executive Producer/Director: Kyle Chamberlin; Musical Direction: Mark Wurzelbacher & Kaleb Chamberlin; Audio Design: Alex Peek; Audio Technician: Renata Putzig; Lighting/Projection Technician: Zach Taylor; Cue Monitor Operation: Katie Chamberlin

Special thanks to South Bend Civic Theatre staff members Steve Gergacz, Matt Davidson, and Joshua Napierkowski